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The SMArt Devices and SMArt Systems Leader.

TZ fuses software control, remote locking and fastening, environmental sensing and real time dynamic analysis to enable unique devices to sense, act, lock and audit activity based on secure instructions delivered over the internet.  This enables rich data collection and diagnostic abilities.

TZ Devices use proprietary Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuation to drive locking mechanisms.  SMA actuation is a lightweight, solid-state alternative to conventional actuators. TZ Device intelligence comes from an embedded system that consists of a microprocessor, energy switching, and integrated sensors that monitor status.

Working together intelligently, a network of TZ Devices offers a secure environment providing a complete, real-time view of the state of that protected environment.  The ability to track the behaviour of people, things and data through space in real-time provides enhanced situational awareness, allowing for the creation of more effective and efficient operating conditions and workflow practices.

Internet of Things

Welcome to a New World of Connected People, Devices And Manufactured Objects.

Over the past decade, billions of people have connected themselves to the Internet via the computer and more recently, mobile devices.  Today, that communication revolution — the most pervasive technology event on earth — is extending to objects as well as people.  The ‘Internet of People’ has become the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), whereby virtually all objects around us can exchange information and work in synergy to significantly improve the efficiency of our businesses, the security of our assets and the quality of our lives.

TZ has been at the forefront of IOT research and development since 2004.  Over the last 10 years, TZ’s dedicated in-house development team (industrial designers, mechanical, electronic and software engineers) have assisted many companies in implementing their IOT strategies and applications.  TZ’s intelligent, remotely actuated Smart Locking Devices have been deployed in aerospace, military, logistics, IT and automotive applications.

> Technology Overview

Enabling a SMArter World.

4 Key Enablers



To enable connection to networks and large databases.

Integrated Sensing

Integrated Sensing

To detect changes in the physical state of their environment and instruct response.

Processing Power

Processing Power

To enhance the power of the network through decentralized intelligence with the ability to react to external stimuli.

SMA Actuation

SMA Actuation

To enable alternative form factors and smaller devices in broad range of environments.

Client Testimonials

Singapore Post
“We wanted a scalable technology solution to meet the lifestyle demands of our customers.”
FBA Logistics
“TZ provided the best value (to Poste Italiane) in terms of reliability, ease of use and customisation.”
“The technical capability and responsiveness of the TZ team differentiates them from the competition.”
Control Circle
“Once we experienced the TZ system, we were sold on two key points – cost and functionality.”

Recent Installations


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Data Center Cabinet Security

When Locking Simply Isn’t Enough.

Packaged Asset Delivery Packaged Asset Delivery

Smart Lockers

Think Smart Lockers. Think TZ.

Aero Asset Aero Asset

Aero Asset Locking Systems

Blue Sky Thinking. Sky High Innovation.