TZ Gains Space in Deliveries Market

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Mark Bouris-led listed technology provider TZ Ltd has said its door remains open for future partnerships with Australia Post, despite signing two agreements that make it more competitive in the online shopping delivery market. TZ is going head to head with Australia Post In the market of secure digital lockers, which allow online shoppers to take delivery of goods around the clock without a signature On Monday it deals to install its secure ADAM (Automated Delivery Asset Manager) in BP petrol stations in Victoria and Gull petrol stations in Western Australia. South Australia. Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The lockers will initially be installed in trial sites on the east coasts following a deal in January with property company GPT Group for lockers to be hosted in its major Sydney proper-ties, such as theMLCCentre Mr Bouris told The Australian Financial Review the latest deals were important in TZ strengthening its presence in the market for secure deliveries.

Despite TZ providing the first 10 lockers for Australia Post’s own locker trials, the company missed out on the tender to provide them nationwide.

“The decision of Australia Post to go with a locker maker from overseas was disappointing for us, but it made us pull ourselves up by our bootstraps to work out what we would do next” he said. “The whole game is a real estate game, it is not as much about the technology. We have the technology. Australia Post has the technology. it is now about who can get the most real estate.”

Mr Bouris said he aimed to grab 30 to 40 per cent of the delivery market, which was currently 100 per cent owned by Australia Post. He said Australia Post currently had about 50 locker outlets out in the field, and was not an insurmountable rival. TZ earlier partnered with freight systems aggregator Temando, partly owned by James Packer-backed Ellerston Capital. It has relationships with the top 200 freight carriers and a wide-ranging customer base of domestic and international online retailers.

The big advantage for us is that we are an agnostic service. We don’t care where you buy your online purchases from. and we don’t care who delivers it for yo us we wlll accept from all couriers, whereas Australia Post only accepts from itself: Mr Bouris Under the new deals TZ’s said its lockers could be available in 130 petrol stations and convenience store sites locally. Mr Bouris said each location would have between 15 and 30 lockers, and planning of locations would be worked out as customer demand became apparent.

He said TZ was keen to work with Australia Post if the opportunity arose. “I’m a businessman, I am not bitter about how things worked out. I never close the door on any opportunities. We are looking for opportunities to provide solutions to consumers where we can all make money, that is the bottom line for me, and I have been around long enough to know that if you start getting cranky with people and putting yourself up against guys like Australia Post, then it has a limited life.”