ControlCircle Chooses TZ for Global Data Center Security Enhancement

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Telezygology, Inc. is pleased to announce today that ControlCircle, a global managed service provider headquartered in London, has chosen the TZ Centurion™ system to enhance the physical security and capacity of the data cabinets it currently manages for its customers located in 11 data centers in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

“ControlCircle provides solutions to customers in the financial, accounting forensics, insurance and gaming industries,” said TZ’s SVP of Sales, Keith Schwartz. “Because many of their customers are in the business of accepting web-based mobile payments, their data requires state of the art security – and we are happy to be selected as the solution of choice to deliver the level of protection necessary to meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).”

“The ControlCircle business model is based on leasing space in third party data centers, so state-of- the art physical security is extremely important to us to ensure performance and continuity of our customers’ data,” said Matt Holloway, ControlCircle’s Global Data Center Director. “We operate 24/7 and use biometric controls, close circuit TVs and electronic locking systems that we manage remotely from our UK headquarters. However, we felt that we needed a greater level of control and accountability to meet increasing standards of operation, so we went shopping for a new security and locking solution”.

“We looked at the solutions currently on the market from dedicated rack manufacturers and from TZ. Once we experienced the TZ offering, we were sold on two key points – cost and functionality. We found that the total cost of implementation for the TZ solution was much lower than other solutions, but more importantly, the TZ Centurion™ System offered superior levels of functionality and operational efficiency.”

The first TZ Centurion™ deployment was recently installed at a ControlCircle customer data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The next installations are slated for the data centers of large banking institutions at another site in Amsterdam and a site in London. “We are very happy with the way the systems are working at our first site,” Holloway continued.

“As we roll out to our other 10 locations, we are looking to implement TZ Centurion™ Server to help us maintain remote physical security of more than 600 cabinets from our central location in the UK.”

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