Gunnebo Indonesia Launches Parcel Locker Facility

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A high technology-based innovative product for easy goods delivery with trusted security and privacy levels.


Bandung, 10 June 2014 – PT Pos Indonesia, a leading provider of freight forwarding services, launches e-POSLocker, the first Parcel Locker concept in Indonesia that provides flexibility to time and location of goods delivery. Parcel Locker is a high technology-based innovation from Gunnebo Indonesia, one of ‘Cash Handling’ Business Area category which developed with American technology to be applied all over the world.

Hindra Kurniawan, Country Manager of Gunnebo Indonesia, enthusiastically welcomes the launch of this e-POSLocker service. “Gunnebo Indonesia is part of Gunnebo Security Group, the global leader for safer future, focusing on 7 business areas including Cash Handling with its Parcel Locker. We are very proud to earn the trust from PT Pos Indonesia to demonstrate a joint commitment to prioritize the best service to customers. We hope this service can be evolved to meet the needs of customers by applying high technology which provides security,” he said.

Budi Setiawan, President Director of PT Pos Indonesia, said, “We keep improving our performance to strengthen PT Pos Indonesia’s position as the leading provider of postal and logistics services. Parcel Locker provided by Gunnebo as the most reliable company in the world for security and safety services provides solutions supporting us in providing services to the public. This is the first concept in Indonesia and its operation will be officially started in Bandung in June 2014 before it reaches other big cities in Java.”

Globally, Parcel Locker has been used in several countries in America, Europe, and Australia. Indonesia is the second country in Southeast Asia, after Singapore, which implements this concept. Parcel Locker uses a touch screen that is easy to operate and software that can be tailored to the needs and business standards.

Setiawan Saad, Business Area Manager Cash Handling of Gunnebo Indonesia said, “In general, Parcel Locker can make it easier for customers to access and to take packages

safely and efficiently. Parcel Locker is designed with a modular locker configuration using plug-and-play hardware components for easy system upgrade. For this e-POSLocker service, Gunnebo Indonesia provides Parcel Locker with 2.3 meters in height, 3.9 meters in width and 0.675 meters in depth. This dimension includes 28 units of small size, 21 units of medium size, 4 units of large size, and 1 unit of extra large lockers.”

Setyo Riyanto, Director of Retail and Property of PT Pos Indonesia, said , “In PT Pos Indonesia, Parcel Locker is a kind of PO Box concept improvement equipped with a technology in the form of PIN to operate, to deliver and to receive goods. This innovation allows customers to be more flexible in delivering or receiving personal or highly confidential goods in 24 hours for 7 days in a week. Highly confidential goods can be delivered directly to the addressee”.

Parcel Locker via e-POSLocker is very easy to use. Users can simply visit After that, the sender can go to the Post Office to store the goods and data of the sender and the recipient in a selected locker. At the same time, e-POSLocker will send SMS containing a PIN to the recipient. The recipient can pick up the package at any time at the location of the e-POSLocker which informed by entering the PIN, then the recipient can pick up the package from the locker.

“Parcel Locker provides double advantages to its customers, namely flexibility in terms of size, location and time, and high level of security thanks to the use of PIN. It is actually a translation of Gunnebo’s vision and mission to prioritize innovative and efficient security services,” said Hindra Kurniawan.

Gunnebo has played active roles in developing the security industry in Indonesia over the last 40 years by providing a variety of security products and solutions and after-sales services. Today, Gunnebo Indonesia has 22 branch offices with a total of 500 employees and 30 authorized agents throughout Indonesia.