Integrated Supply and Logistics Service for UTS

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ASX Announcement

TZ Limited is pleased to announce that it has received an initial purchase order from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Housing Service for the deployment of a Parcel Locker System at their Broadway campus to enable the management and delivery of parcels for their on campus UTS student residents.

The System will be a totally integrated solution that will effectively offer students that are living on campus, the ability to conveniently pick-up their parcels from an on campus location at any time of the day at their convenience. Presently, if students are not at home to receive their parcels they are provided with a notification card and need to pick up their parcels from the local post office or distribution hub.

The end-to-end offering involves the coordination of a number of key service providers including Fastway Couriers who will receive, sort and manage last mile delivery of parcels to the campus, Monitor Business Machines who will provide a payment management system for parcel transactions and the UTS Housing team, who are spearheading this innovative initiative to provide a higher level of student services. TZ’s back-end software will underpin the total solution and integrate with the various third party systems to ensure a seamless service offering.

“This is the first engagement with an Australian University and represents an exciting new application for TZ and what we believe should be a strong and relevant value proposition to other Universities and their residential housing programs”. stated Kenneth Ting, Executive Director of TZ Limited. “This is a great example of a fully integrated offer whereby TZ has partnered with a number of strategic partners to deliver a new and innovative end-to-end solution to meet our client’s needs.”