MOU with KPMG for Day Lockers

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ASX Announcement

TZ Limited (“TZL”, the “Company”) is pleased to announce that KPMG has advised its intention to appoint TZ as the preferred supplier and technology provider for its Day Locker Management System to be deployed at KPMG’s offices across Australia.

In accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Parties today, TZ and KPMG will work in good faith to negotiate a definitive enterprise-wide agreement for the supply of Day Lockers and associated Locker Management Hardware and Software for KPMG properties.

Supply will commence on a limited basis to initial deployments in Adelaide, South Australia and in Parramatta, New South Wales subject to finalisation of commercial terms.

“The adoption of TZ’s Day Locker Solution by KPMG is a strategically important event for the Company.” stated Kenneth Ting, Executive Director of TZ Limited. “Since the introduction of our Day Locker offering, which we announced to the market in March 2014, we have been successful in securing Westpac, another major Australian banking corporation and now one of the big four accounting firms as adopters of our technology. The potential for sales to this sector is substantial and we look forward to continued growth through these national deployments and potentially with new customers”.