P-POPs to be Piloted by SingPost

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ASX Announcement

TZ Limited (“TZ”) is pleased to advise that the production version of OurPAD, was unveiled at Parcel Expo 2015 in Singapore last week and was officially showcased in a SingPost media event on Saturday, 16th May 2015 as their new prototype P-POP (“Personal POPStation”) offering to be piloted later this year in Singapore.

The P-POP or “individual” Parcel Locker for the home, represents a major advancement in the development of TZ’s patented OurPAD concept and now integrates the latest in smartphone technology and ultra-light power design. Capable of operating for 12 months on three (3) AA batteries and managed solely through a smartphone interface, the unit embodies the latest in loT (“Internet of Things”) thinking and cost effectively extends a fully integrated Parcel Locker Network to the home.

“We have great plans for our OurPAD product, starting with the pilot with SingPost. This next generation production version in my view, addresses all the implementation considerations around price, power supply, courier and customer access.” said Mark Bouris, Executive Chairman of TZ Limited. “Given the significant interest that we received at Parcel Expo this last week, we are confident that this new product offering will become a significant part of our portfolio and the patented technology elements will filter into our other offerings. This is a world first for TZ and demonstrates our capability to deliver state-of-the-art technology that our customers and the market are demanding.”