TZ ourPAD Brochure – Post Expo Hong Kong 2014

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There are roughly 5 million households in Australia with a level of disposable income that supports on-line shopping.  Last mile delivery is a crucial factor in customer satisfaction with up to 80% of on-line shoppers being inconvenienced by missed parcel deliveries as a result of couriers not being able to successfully complete the transaction.

Parcel Lockers located in public or community locations solve some of these last mile delivery problems, but ultimately consumers desire the convenience of reliable and secure home delivery with track and trace capability on the status of their purchases.

TZ’s patented OurPAD product is a breakthrough individual electronic parcel locker for the home that allows couriers to deliver mail and packages securely to the home at any time of the day with full granular track and trace capability via a smartphone app.  It provides the ultimate in convenience, security and simplicity for on-line shoppers and assists e-commerce providers by offering unprecedented efficiency in last mile delivery.

OurPAD embodies the latest smartphone technology and offers a unique and personal experience leveraging the technological trend of coupling personal experience with personalised smart devices. It is designed for ultra-low power use, running on 3 x AA batteries, and leveraging TZ’s smart device technology with clever ancillary electronics that stay in sleep mode until a software enabled smartphone is within range.

Packages are delivered by a registered courier using the app. Customers also use their smartphone with fully encrypted data communication to access the locker and retrieve the parcel.  OurPAD can also be remotely unlocked to support a myriad of drop off and pick up options.

OurPAD is designed for outdoor use in front of homes and businesses.  It has architectural features that can be customised with a variety of coloured finishes and textures. Each unit features a large letter slot for mail and large format items like magazines and a selection of small, medium and large lockers. The unit can be freestanding or mounted to a wall or a fence.

OurPAD has been in development for a number of years, but is only now in the early stages of commercialisation following innovative breakthroughs in pricing optimisation and enabling technology.