TZ PAD Brochure – Post-Expo Hong Kong 2014

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Accommodating Your Changing Needs

Anyone can build a parcel locker but without a true technology approach, will the solution stand the test of time and the changing needs of consumers and the rapid advent of new technology? TZ’s SMArt Locker Systems are designed on an open and extensible hardware and software technology platform to allow flexibility in customisation and upgradeability to suit the requirements of today and those of tomorrow.

Not Your Regular Parcel Locker Supplier

TZ is not a locker manufacturer, the company is a technology provider and a leader in the design, development and commercialisation of intelligent locking device systems. This capability makes TZ particularly adept at providing turn-key hardware and software driven systems that are customer centric and customised to suit local requirements, functional work practices and regulatory compliance.

Modular Design For Maximum Flexibility

TZ’s design oriented solutions are focused on delivering functionality, serviceability and utility. TZ starts with a modular framework to ensure ease of installation, maintenance and extension and then incorporates high utility features such as anti-graffiti paint finishes, double skin construction, integrated weather seals for improved IP rating and active air flow design for energy efficiency.

End-To-End Extensible Platform

TZ offers a complete end-to-end platform that can accommodate the market needs for consumers, on-line retailers and postal couriers. TZ’s software architecture is designed as an extensible framework that enables simple integration with third party devices and software systems and also enables application extensions to point of sale retail, digital media management and other value added options.

System Benefits:

> Configurable and flexible Locker Bank design.

> Custom paint finishes and aesthetic options available.

> Modular and scalable solution for ease of in-field modifications.

> State-of-the-art proprietary digital locking technology.

> Customisable workflow to meet specific needs.

> Range of authentication options, RFID, QR Code, Biometric.