SingPost Crosses 100th POPStation Milestone; Innovates with P-POPS

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> Densest islandwide coverage; average distance to a POPStation about 2.5km.

> Plans to extend the network to 200.

> First-of-its-kind Personal POPStation (P-POPS), innovative smart device/phone-driven.


Singapore, 16 May 2015 – SingPost today rolled out its 100th POPStation at the Killiney Road Post Office, giving it the highest density of parcel delivery and collection system network in Singapore. With the average distance to a POPStation at about 2.5km, consumers will find it even more convenient to have their items delivered to the automated smart locker as they can easily collect, post or return their parcels 24/7 and at their convenience.

The wide adoption of digital technologies like the smart mobile devices and internet has led to increasing online interactions. POPStation is well suited for urban cities like Singapore as it lets the parcels do the waiting, catering to busy lifestyle of Singaporeans in this digital age. SingPost first launched the revolutionary parcel delivery and collection system — POPStation in April 2013 as a pilot to better serve Singapore’s growing $4.4 billion e-commerce industry.

Ms Lim Ann Nee, Senior Vice President of Singapore Parcel at SingPost said: “SingPost invested in the POPStation to further raise the level of convenience for customers, particularly with the growth of ecommerce items. It was very well-received as it has revolutionised parcel collection and delivery processes for both customers and service providers in Singapore. We were inundated with requests for more POPStations during the six-month pilot. We worked hard to roll out and within a short span of 1.5 years, increased the number of POPStations from five to 100, deploying one POPStation every four working days. We have also added new innovative features to enhance customer experience such as POPStation app, posting of parcels and payment service for online purchases. POPStation is popular with consumers. Parcel volumes to the POPStations have increased six-fold.”

Greater Convenience

Designed for today’s on-the-go lifestyles, the POPStation is popular with consumers as it empowers them to pick up or post their parcel at any time, at their own convenience and at no extra cost.

Top POPStation user and an ardent fan, Davilia Koh has been using the POPStation for two years. The 36-year-old homemaker commended SingPost for making life easier for online shoppers by introducing the POPStation: “I started to use the POPStation when it was first rolled out at the Singapore Post Centre Post Office in 2013. It is a great idea! I get my items quicker by using the POPStation, about 1 or 2 days faster than home delivery. With POPStation, I have better control of my time. I strongly recommend my friends to give POPStation a try!”

In addition, the POPStation service is secure. Apart from providing one-time PIN/QR code to open the locker, there are surveillance cameras and centrally controlled systems to allow SingPost to track the status of each parcel. IT support is also available 24/7 to provide assistance to customers.

High Density Network

The high density network and the convenience offered by POPStation help enhance online shopping. Our statistics show that consumers retrieved their parcels within two calendar days, down from three in 2013. The age profile of POPStation consumers is between 20s and 40s.

Ann Nee added: “We are committed to continue meeting the needs of our customers. POPStations are scalable and they are just the thing to meet the boom in ecommerce as well as lifestyle needs and priorities of online shoppers. We have just rolled out the Android version of the POPStation app. To make online shopping easier and more convenient, we plan to double the number of POPStations to 200.”

Innovative smart device/phone-driven P-POPS

Riding on the popularity of its POPStations, SingPost showcased a prototype unit of the individualised version of its revolutionary parcel delivery and collection system — P-POPS (Personal POPStations). P-POPS is tailored to address the needs of SMEs and individuals.

The innovative P-POPS leverages mobile technology to offer a seamless, cool and fun customer experience for both the consumers and our parcel ambassadors. It has no user interface as it is entirely managed by smart device/phone. It does not require 3G/4G or WIFI access to unlock the locker. P-POPS will communicate direct with the consumer’s smart device/phone via the Bluetooth technology. It will be fully integrated into POPStation network, offering consumers an omni-channel experience.

Ann Nee continued: “P-POPS will dovetail SingPost’s plans to transform how we serve our customers and strengthen our parcel delivery service in Singapore.”

Mr Mark Bouris, Executive Chairman of TZ Limited said: “We are pleased to be a key technology provider of the POPStation network and to the development of the POPStation network. We are looking forward to the further expansion of the network throughout Singapore and to closer collaboration and cooperation in the future. Our latest innovation, the individual and personalised locker, branded by SingPost as P-POPS will be piloted this year and should set another benchmark in expanding the boundaries of last mile parcel delivery.”