Redwood Systems Integration of Micro-Security and Environmental Monitoring

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Telezygology Inc. (TZ) and Redwood Systems today announced a collaboration to combine physical endpoint micro security with intelligent environmental monitoring to deploy innovative energy efficient applications for data centers and enterprise workplaces.

The partnership will see the TZ Centurion™ cabinet level infrastructure protection and monitoring platform integrate with Redwood’s Open Application Framework to enhance its data center cabinet locking system. This will effectively allow data center and enterprise workplaces to implement smart energy efficient lighting solutions to light the path and guide end-users all way from the data center perimeter to their individual cabinet or workplace physical asset, based on based on privileges assigned to end-users when their badge is scanned.

Redwood Systems, a Fremont (California) headquartered leader in energy efficiency and building performance, has multiple enterprise customers that have developed innovative applications using the Redwood Open Application Framework. Redwood’s customers include well-known companies such as Facebook, SAP, Google and Volkswagen.

A 2011 McKinsey study titled “Lighting the Way: Perspectives on The Global Lighting Market” estimated a 46% Cumulative Aggregate Growth Rate (CAGR) for LED lighting from US$3.7B in 2010 to US$30B in 2016. The McKinsey analysis indicates an addressable market of US$17B for power infrastructure and controls for inside the facilities of commercial enterprises, government organizations and educational institutions that is estimated to unfold as dramatically falling LED costs that will favor LED as the replacement for high voltage industrial lighting. Integration of cabinet and facility access control technologies with LED lighting is expected to significantly reduce costs through smarter energy management.

Several leading U.S. technology companies are experimenting with “dimmed down” or even “lights out” data centers and facilities that dramatically lower energy costs when operating personnel and building occupants are not present with early adopters of such deployments reporting substantial energy savings. “We are delighted to be in partnership with TZ. The integration of TZ Centurion™ platform with Redwood’s Open Application Framework creates an open and extensible platform for third-party development to drive innovation and customer value,” said Dave Leonard, CEO of Redwood Systems. “While this phenomenon has gained popularity in some business categories, it has yet to reach the lighting and building sector until now. Today we are providing the tools for others to create customized applications that save energy and improve the quality of the workplace.”

“By leveraging the appetite for smarter energy management inside enterprise facilities, we anticipate a multimillion dollar market revenue opportunity to be opened up over the next several years as a result of our partnership with Redwood, “ said Keith Schwartz, TZ’s VP of Sales.

“There are significant business benefits for data center and enterprise facility managers. Not only will we be able to deliver security and regulatory compliance in the protection of critical physical assets, but we can also offer an integrated enhanced lighting and energy efficient application to meet the needs of facility managers who want to deploy a smart solution.” TZ, Redwood and facility managers,” says Keith Schwartz, TZ SVP of Sales.