TZ and UCIT to Evaluate Concierge Integration

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TZ Limited is pleased to announce that its U.S. subsidiary, Telezygology, Inc. (“TZI’”) and it’s TZ Packaged Asset Delivery business unit have entered into a strategic relationship with UCIT Online Security Inc. (“UCIT”), a leader in providing remote video monitoring security solutions to hundreds of companies across North America.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding, UCIT will evaluate the TZ Concierge Locker solution as complimentary part of UCIT’s new Remote Concierge system. The Remote Concierge system, designed specifically for multi-residential buildings, uses advanced tele-presence technology in which a live virtual operator is visible to residents and visitors on a large flat screen monitor, to supplement or replace the traditional on-site security personnel. This solution offers residents increased convenience, peace of mind and efficiency that supports their lifestyles, while saving 25 to 50 percent of the cost.

“Unlike other security providers, UCIT offers a fully integrated security solution, meaning they offer the software, hardware, installation and monitoring to have full control over the process,“ said Keith Schwartz, TZ Senior Vice President of Sales. “TZ Concierge Locker system is a natural fit that takes the features and benefits of the Remote Concierge system to a higher level.”

The Remote Concierge system uses two-way audio and video capabilities, along with advanced access control to emulate the tasks of an on-site concierge. One of these tasks includes the ability to accept incoming and outgoing packages. Currently, this process involves locking and unlocking a parcel room.

When the resident picks up their package, they enter the parcel room and physically search for their package among all the deliveries. This process has several issues as occupants could incorrectly take a package that does not belong to them. “The TZ Concierge Locker solution not only addresses our security concerns, but it also offers residents the convenience of receiving a package delivery alert message and the ability to retrieve their packages any time convenient to them” said UCIT CEO, Rob Cherun. “TZ Concierge lockers offer our customers an optimal security solution.”

TZI and UCIT will proactively pursue commercial application of the TZ Concierge Locker System as part of the UCIT Remote Concierge system based on the outcomes of a market trial. Should the market trial be favorable, UCIT and TZI will enter into a Definitive Agreement for the commercial roll-out of self-serve parcel pick-up locker systems among UCIT’s extensive condo customer base.

“With our 300-plus construction sites and relationships with developers and property owners across Canada, the overall potential for the TZ-integrated Remote Concierge is enormous,” said Cherun. “We can see a future where all new build condos are built with a TZ Concierge Locker and existing condos move towards integrating TZ locker solutions. We’re hoping to integrate a few dozen condos in the first 18 months.”

“UCIT’s intensive network within the condo industry brings real value to a strategic partnership,” said Schwartz. “Like TZI, UCIT is forward thinking, innovative and entrepreneurial. We look forward to collaborating together with their team in developing new remote security systems that increase occupant confidence and convenience while offering facility managers greater operational efficiency and enhanced security and control.”

About UCIT Online Security, Inc.

UCIT Online Security Inc. (UCIT) is a high tech security company that provides hundreds of customers with reliable and cost effective monitoring solutions. UCIT was founded in 2003 as an innovative idea that has since become the leader in providing remote video monitoring for companies. UCIT’s clients span across North America and include customers such as condominium property managers, transportation / logistics companies, warehousing, recycling plants, shopping malls and plazas, manufacturing and industrial facilities and construction sites. UCIT’s head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario and has over 90 talented and highly entrepreneurial professionals. UCIT is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada: having ranked in Profit Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies for the past 3 years in a row.

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