When it comes to smart lockers,

There is only one.

The solution is TZ.


Smart locker solution specialists

TZ is not a locker manufacturer; we’re a leading technology provider for smart locker solutions. TZ Smart Locker systems are masterly crafted, purposely configured, and smartly branded, but it is our end-to-end electronic hardware and software solution that sets us apart in the smart locker marketplace.

TZ Smart Locker solutions incorporate state-of-the-art proprietary IoT smart locking devices that enable real-time monitoring and granular transactional, environmental and time-stamped data capture. Our cloud-based locker network management system delivers remote management, monitoring and technical support.


Anyone can build a locker, we build technology solutions.

Designed in cooperation with world leading corporations, TZ offers a range of segment specific intelligent locker solutions that are built with feature rich capabilities, including contact-free access using a custom mobile app.


Integration made easy for a complete eco-system.

Designed on an open and extendable technology platform for seamless integration with third-party systems such as building management, active directory, HR systems, security systems, email systems and mobile phone applications to manage the needs of today and tomorrow.


Designed with major corporations around the world.

TZ delivers complete hardware and software intelligent lockers solutions that have been developed collaboratively with brand and industry leaders across wide range of market segments – corporations, universities, retailers, healthcare organizations, multi-family residences, and financial and government institutions.


Smart lockers solutions for every application.

The applications are nearly endless when it comes to secure, accountable pick-up, drop-off and storage of almost anything, anywhere, and at any time. Packages and regular mail. Sensitive documents. Controlled substances. Retail orders. Employee belongings. Shared company assets. Valuable medical equipment. Manufacturing and repair parts.


for every application

Why TZ

Best in class
TZ has over 25 years experience delivering award-winning software and locker management solutions.

Streamlined administration
Saves resource time and training. With TZ Smart Locker software capabilities, no manual administration required for profile set up or removal of inactive accounts.

Bespoke design capability
Multi-disciplinary development capability delivers flexible customization.

Modular and scalable
Proprietary software system can be customized to meet specific workflow and integration requirements.

Real time integration
Integration with Active Directory enables seamless on-boarding and off-boarding of employees, together with automated recognition of employee status and preferences.

Dynamic reporting
Powerful, real-time monitoring, reporting and management capabilities.

Standalone or networked
Standalone system or fully networked platform with centralized enterprise control server.

Best in class

Specialists in smart locker solutions for over 25 years, our customer list showcases the best in class from around the globe