TZ. Intelligent Control

The future of intelligent access control

At TZ, we engineer solutions to improve physical access control using smart devices and even smarter technology. We invent solutions to solve real world problems; solutions designed to work in harmony with existing technology, giving our clients the freedom of total connectivity.

As a global company with an impressive client list, we supply end to end software and hardware access solutions that are used in a multitude of smart ways. Our smart software implements rules around control for who can access what, when and where; then reports on these actions. Making us a leader in the Smart Locker and Smart Device industry.

Intelligent Locker Solutions
Smart Locker Management System Network

Network Centric

TZ Smart devices work with a range of wireless and wired communications platforms to form network centric systems to solve real world problems for secure access as part of system wide solutions.

Smart Locker Management System Sensing

Integrated Sensing

TZ Smart devices are more than just intelligent locks and latches, they incorporate advanced sensors to detect changes in the local environment, determine how they are being used and to then use this information to adapt behavior or raise alarms and alerts.

Smart Locker Management System Processing

Processing Power

TZ Smart devices use advanced 32bit microcontroller technology to achieve the extraordinary. Combined with a range of sensors and communications systems TZ Smart devices are at the forefront of edge computing devices.

Smart Locker Management System SMA

SMA Accuation

The heart of a TZ Smart device is the use of advance shape memory alloy (SMA) instead of legacy motors and solenoids. SMA actuators use less power, do not generate Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and can be used in a range of physical formats not achievable with conventional approaches.

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TZ solves real world problems, by engineering software solutions centered around access and control of physical spaces


Edge logistics solutions

Empowering the interface between person and object

The rapid development of digitally enabled management tools means that items such as IT assets, postal parcels, physical parts, stored documents or belongings, to be identified and inventoried through automated tracking systems. This has opened the door to a wide variety of efficiency-creating innovations in enterprise resource and logistics management.

Our smart locker management systems represent important exchange points in the geographically diverse networks of places where items are deposited or collected by people, in their transition from businesses to buyers, postal senders to receivers, warehouses to distribution points, and more.

The core value of our solutions lies in their proven, advanced capability to empower two key operational management capabilities:

  • Auditable tracking – the ability to capture auditable data that proves an individual has deposited or collected an item at a particular time
  • Access management – the capacity to provide an identified individual with unique access to a particular item

Constantly curious, TZ was born from the desire to discover a better way. It is that curiosity that drives us to improve, to invent and to collaborate in our goal to create a superior solutions to empower the interface between person and objectMaking us category leaders in Smart Locker solutions and physical Data Cabinet protection thanks to our intuitive software capabilities.

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Our cloud-based service-as-a-software options, for secure functionality plus the flexibility to grow with your needs. We manage the software for you, so you can focus on your business.
Smart Delivery Locker Solutions support



Reliable support through our bespoke service ticketing system and global team of trained technicians.
Outdoor smart locker solution



Trusted by the best for a reason, security has been a priority for TZ’s development program from day one.
Outdoor smart locker solution



A library of tested APIs that allow us to fully integrate your solution to your business operations.
TZ cloud SaaS

TZ Cloud

TZ Cloud provides customers with access to our powerful software via a cost-effective subscription model – delivering flexibility without compromise to functionality.

The flexibility to grow with your needs and deliver uncompromising service with the security of a fully managed software solution.

TZ Cloud, like any SaaS solution, delivers scalability while saving our customers the time and cost to manage and maintain an on-premise solution.