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Making the ordinary

TZ smart applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already impacting working and living environments, offering a virtually endless array of opportunities and connections at home, at work or at play.

TZ has been at the forefront of IoT research and development since 2004. TZ smart device technology offers a range of applications for integrated connectivity and automation in an agile world.

TZ systems deliver asset level protection solutions for security, monitoring and control applications across a number of market segments – with focus on key market segments where technology is a driver.

At TZ, we see things differently

Convergent Technology

TZ Smart Devices are not just intelligent locks – they are part of an integrated solution that delivers unlimited opportunities for an automated future. With a proven technology track record and over 250,000 smart devices deployed worldwide, TZ are driving their technology into new solutions that push beyond the boundaries of today’s thinking.

Adam Forsyth, Chief Technology Officer at TZ Limited talks about how TZ see things differently and how technology convergence is driving the next stage of TZ’s journey as a global leader in smart locking technology.

Think Smart. Think TZ.

TZ Smart Work Solutions

TZ Smart Work solutions are revolutionizing the traditional office environment, enabling new cyber-physical solutions for the agile workspace.

  • Secure access control for fixed and mobile workspace assets
  • Reduced administration overheads by getting rid of keys and conventional locks, automating record keeping and making allocation of user resources a seamless part of company processes
  • Integration with corporate systems including the use of Active Directory, SSO technologies and asset management systems
  • Improved data driven decision making by integration of usage data, locations and events into Corporate Dashboards

TZ Smart Devices such as our TZ CabLock or TZ BeamLock are suitable for use in managing different internal security requirements.

  • Fixed cabinetry such as medicine and first aid cabinets, key storage, display cabinets, confidential records
  • Mobile cabinets including desk pedestals, mobile filing and credenzas

TZ Smart Retail Solutions

TZ Smart Retail solutions are designed to simplify access to secure display cabinets and storage to improve operations, stock control and management of high value retail assets.

  • Know who and at what time cabinets are accessed
  • Reduce stock shrinkage
  • Better manage stock security
  • Reduce administration overheads
  • Get rid of keys and conventional locks
  • Improve store layout and workflow
  • Provide time specific access control

Smart Devices such as our TZ CabLock, TZ BeamLock or TZ Radial can be used for managing a range of cabinets and displays:

  • Display cases
  • Storage drawers and cabinets
  • Customer collection storage

TZ Smart Industry Solutions

TZ Smart Industry solutions are focused on revolutionizing safety management, access control and chain-of-custody process in a range of industrial applications

  • Lock out / tag out and other related safety processes
  • Chain of custody management for containers
  • Access control to remote facility enclosures such a transmission facilities, pumping stations
  • Infrastructure and electrical cabinets

TZ Smart Devices such as our TZ CabLock, TZ SmartTag and TZ SmartLock can be used in a number of different industrial scenarios:

  • Group lock out / tag out (LOTO) solutions in rail, power, water, gas distribution networks
  • Replacing conventional padlock security on perimeter fences for remote telecommunications, pumping, substation and storage facilities
  • Monitoring chain of custody process for shipping containers and other high value storage modules

TZ Smart Health Solutions

TZ Smart Health technologies for the medical and pharmaceutical industries are opening new solutions for securely managing, tracking and auditing access to specialist equipment, drugs and instruments.

  • Control access at the bin/drawer/cabinet level
  • Record of who accessed a cabinet, when and for how long
  • Reminders to close and secure cabinets
  • Chain of custody management for controlled substances or special instruments
  • Monitor ambient temperature at the bin, drawer and cabinet level

TZ Smart Devices such as our TZ CabLock or TZ BeamLock can be used for managing a range of secure storage requirements.

  • Pharmaceutical storage and dispensing bins, drawer and cabinets
  • Restricted drugs cabinets and stores
  • Anesthetics storage and management