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In recent years the modern workplace and office building has seen significant changes – a direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic The expectation that an office will be full of employees every day of the week is a thing of the past. And with hybrid and/or remote working a key driver for employees today, attracting staff back to the office has become a major initiative for businesses. Along with this, the ability to offer increased office utility and convenience is at the forefront of those considerations. 

As tenants demand better facilities for their staff, property developers and managers see end of trip facilities as a critical part of a building’s offering and a key driver to maintain occupancy rates.

With the goal to create facilities that provide increased utility for both tenants and employees, TZ has evolved its end of trip locker solutions to deliver increased capability and flexibility to better support the needs of property managers.

Not all smart locker solutions do the same thing. Talk to the team at TZ and we’ll show you the difference.

Product features

Categorizing all smart locker solutions as offering the same basic capability is a common mistake. What drives value is the ability to accommodate the myriad of needs and requirements of a multi-tenanted office building and most importantly the sharing of facilities. 

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Multi-tenant locker management

How do you ensure End of Trip Lockers can be allocated to tenants in the same proportion as their occupancy in the building? First come, first serve is not an option today but enabling tenants to control access to shared End of Trip facilities is the key to a happy tenant. TZ’s new Multi-Tenant Locker Management capability makes this possible.

Mulitple card types

Accommodating multiple card types is becoming increasingly important for propoerty managers around the globe. Most systems need a common card type to allow access but often there is one access card for the property management team and a different access card for the tenant. TZ has a solution for this common problem.

Reservation types

Managing shared facilities is difficult as the needs of every user is always different. Some are regular users, others only want to use lockers on an ad hoc daily basis.Our solution allows tenants to control both locker types and reservation types to deliver unprecedented flexibility for tenants to manage their allocations in a shared environment.

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