Industry First – New TZ Gateway Manager for CANbus

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TZ Gateway Manager for CANbus

Industry First – New TZ Gateway Manager for CANbus

TZ applies their technology to a legacy, third party locker system.

Using the newly released TZ Gateway Manager for CANbus, TZ has applied its advanced, scalable edge device management technology to over 7,000 lockers in more than 150 ByBox locker systems by updating the control systems and user interface of these legacy parcel lockers so that they can become part of a proven, cloud based TZ parcel management solution.

TZ Gateway Manager is the company’s IoT edge computing solution designed for managing TZ SMArt Devices and now, with the release of TZ Gateway Manager for CANbus, third party locking devices can also be integrated into a solution. TZ Gateway Manager operates on Windows or Linux platforms and provides device control, monitoring, protocol conversion and device fault detection across either the proprietary SMArtBus protocol or now CANOpen.

TZ Gateway Manager for CANbus is just part of the upgrade solution available from TZ for ByBox lockers. Optional elements of this comprehensive modernisation and system upgrade includes TZ designed and manufactured Door Controller Boards based on state of the art 32 bit microcontrollers; updated high efficiency system power supplies; new Industrial grade PCs; and of course the proven TZ Locker Management systems such as Courier 4.0 for parcel management or TZ Campus for university solutions.

TZ Gateway Manager is a part of the TZ NxtGEN IoT system architecture focussed on delivering high performance TZ SMArt device based solutions to a range of commercial, residential and industrial applications.

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