Intelligent software solutions

Intelligent control

Smart technology is any product with an integrated computer and sensor system that is able to monitor itself and analyse its own data to automatically make performance changes. As experts in smart technology solutions, TZ’s software delivers proprietary information management and analysis capabilities across a range of applications.  

Whether powering smart locker solutions in the workplace, or supporting safe last mile delivery logistics, or tracking asset exchange or securing physical data – all around the world our solutions have streamlined processes for customers, employees, residents or students to facilitate safe and secure contactless delivery, collection, storage and more. Our experience is born from years of partnership with well-known Fortune 500 companies to deliver customized, scalable and integrated solutions engineered for intelligence.


Smart Delivery Locker Solutions


Automating parcel delivery to support the growing challenge of contactless package delivery and collection in retail, on campus or for logistics carriers worldwide. A single system with endless functionality, TZ solutions are built to automate parcel exchange across any environment, with total accountability

Smart Locker Management System Workplace


Our networked workplace solutions include staff day lockers, IT asset management solutions, package management and end of trip facilities. TZ Smart Devices provide secure access control for both fixed and mobile workspace assets, with centralized management integrated with facilities such as mailrooms and lockers.

TZ Cloud

A simple, affordable and flexible locker access management experience designed to support small business in our ever changing world. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering makes it easy to implement an all in one locker access control solution for organizations with up to 200 staff.

Smart Data Cabinet Security Centurion

Data Center

TZ Smart Cabinet software delivers an advanced, IP-based, electronic access control system designed specifically to protect where it matters the most – at data cabinet level. Deployed in data centers or across the medical industry for centralized control and granular access accountability.

Part of the ecosystem, TZ software solutions are designed for seamless integration with third party systems to reduce administration

Smart Locker Management System

Integration experts

TZ are known as integration experts. With years of practical development experience and an extensive list of happy clients, we have the expertise to seamlessly resolve system integration within any ecosystem.

Our extensive API library means we are ready to connect with third party systems such as active directory, trace and trace, HR, security, e-commerce … the list goes on. API connectivity supports greater automation which in turn supports greater efficiency – always essential for the success of your solution.

The lockers

Our scalable and modular locker solutions allow customers to choose the locker design that suits their needs and budget. Lockers are available in casework or metalwork with a range of optional functional extras for maximum versatility.

Intelligent reservation
Preassign delivery with our online locker reservation portal, and it’s easy as scanning a barcode.

Access options
Access lockers remotely via mobile app, QR code or RFID swipe card.

Data rich admin
Delivering administrators with rich information to enable meaningful workflow, security and optimization decisions.

Seamless integration
Seamless integration with third party systems via an extensive API library.

Inside or curb side
Indoor, outdoor, metal or laminate – choose from a range of materials including hospital grade, anti-microbial surfaces.

tz Lockers
TZ cloud SaaS

TZ Cloud

TZ Cloud provides customers with access to our powerful software via a cost-effective subscription model – delivering flexibility without compromise to functionality.

The flexibility to grow with your needs and deliver uncompromising service with the security of a fully managed software solution.

TZ Cloud, like any SaaS solution, delivers scalability while saving our customers the time and cost to manage and maintain an on-premise solution.

TZ – why we're different




Specialists in smart locker solutions for over 25 years



We boast un unrivalled customer list from across the globe

Best in Class

Best in Class

Award-winning software and locker management solutions



Multi-disciplinary development capability delivers flexible customization



We integrate with third party systems through a library of tested APIs

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