Campus Mail Center

Solution overview

Designed to streamline campus package management while reducing costs and face-to-face contact by assuming the responsibilities for mail and parcel delivery, notification, retrieval and reporting. Offers students 24/7 access while giving the university opportunities to optimize interior real estate, decrease administrative costs and increase staff productivity across the campus.


  • Scan ID, QR code or use PIN for package collection
  • First mile package drop off

Mail Room Staff

  • Package drop-off
  • Scan package to start notification process
  • Transfer expired packages to mail room
  • First mile package pick-up

Mail Room

  • Return to sender
  • Forward packages
  • Dispose of packages
  • Pick up expired packages
  • Ability for 3rd party integration with tracking tool to enable mail room to reserve locker

On campus

Product features

A single system with endless functionality, TZ solutions are built to automate parcel exchange across any environment, with total accountability.

Contactless activation

Unlock doors without touching a screen.

Social Distancing

Social distancing

A range of contactless collection options including mobile app, QR code and RFID card.

24/7 access

Deliver or collect at any time of the day or night, inside or outside.

Package Quarantine

Package quarantine

Pick-up notification can be delayed for 24 hours to ensure appropriate quarantine time

Seamless integration

Extensive API suite for third-party systems such as student services, e-commerce and more

Easy clean

Range of material choice including hospital grade, anti-microbial laminates for easy cleaning with common household cleaning agents

tz lockers multi-application

Multiple applications

Solutions extend beyond the mail center to create a safer experience in residence halls, cafeterias, libraries or gyms

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Improving campus life

Watch how TZ worked with Fairfield University administrators and staff to improve mail room efficiency and simplify student collections with our Campus software solutions

TZ Workplace Accessibility


A range of specific disability elements can be incorporated in the locker design, to conform with the guidelines for accessibility.

All TZ designs are produced according to anthropometric measurements to ensure that locker access and console control is ergonomically sound.

Locker consoles can introduce audio direction, with each locker able to incorporate audio feedback.
Braille and tactile keypads are also available as required.

Customized mobile app

TZ Send self-service kiosk

Watch the new TZ Send kiosk in action. 

TZ Send is a self-service solution that integrates with your TZ locker system for easy package drop off or works as a stand-alone solution with over-the-counter package drop off.  Through our easy-to-use mobile application, the TZ Send kiosk shifts the burden of outbound and return shipment processing to the sender, eliminating lines and reducing bottlenecks at the service counter.

Play Video about TZ Send Kiosk for self service package delivery

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