Automating parcel delivery

Campus smart parcel locker solutions

How it works

TZ parcel software is a game changer for automating parcel deliveries for retail, residential or on campus. One system manages secure parcel deliveries – automating recipient notification and easy admin reporting to track and trace every parcel, every day. All with seamless integration capabilities across any third-party network such as building management or courier company.

TZ’s smart software and locker system delivers the ultimate 24/7 parcel management solution for contactless delivery and collection.

Product features

A single system with endless functionality, TZ solutions are built to automate parcel exchange across any environment, with total accountability.

Smart Locker Management System tracking

Dynamic tracking

Track the status of your parcel at every step of the way with powerful, real-time reporting capabilities.

Smart Locker Management System contactless

Contactless collection

A range of contactless collection options including mobile app, QR code and RFID card.

Smart Locker Management System notification

Instant notification

Automated recipient notifications sent via text and email.

Intelligent Locker Solutions scalable

Modular and scalable

Proprietary software system can be customized to meet specific workflow and integration requirements.

TZ Smart Locker Seamless Integration

Seamless integration

Designed for seamless integration through an extensive API suite for third-party systems such as building management, HR and security, e-commerce, logistics software and more.

TZ Smart Locker User Intuitive

Intuitive user experience

Designed for easy use, our intuitive interfaces work the way you expect them too without the need for training or instructions.

Additional Options

TZ Smart Locker Multi-Purpose Use

Adjustable Workflow

TZ software manages multiple workflows at once to ensure every customer can leverage their lockers to work for them

Smart Locker Management System dashboard

Customized Dashboard

Build your dashboard metrics for bespoke business insights, and generate granular reports across connected locker banks to make informed business decisions.

Smart Locker Management System branded

Bespoke Mobile App

Customize your notifications to match your brand

Why TZ

TZ Cloud



Our cloud-based service-as-a-software options, for secure functionality plus the flexibility to grow with your needs. We manage the software for you, so you can focus on your business.
Smart Delivery Locker Solutions patent



Highly differentiated from our competition with 180 patents across 27 fields, TZ has the only patented shape memory alloy (SMA) actuated electronic lock on the market.
Smart Delivery Locker Solutions support



Reliable support through our bespoke service ticketing system and global team of trained technicians.
Outdoor smart locker solution



Trusted by the best for a reason, security has been a priority for TZ’s development program from day one.
Outdoor smart locker solution



A library of tested APIs that allow us to fully integrate your solution to your business operations.

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