Retail 'Click and Collect' Lockers

Solution overview

TZ Smart Retail solutions are helping smart retailers take advantage of the surge in e-commerce and the changing expectations of consumers. Increase consumer options with touch-free and convenient pick-up and drop-off services inside or outside the store.

Our intelligent software enables seamless integration for total retail connectivity by supporting application extensions to point-of-sale retail, digital media management and other emerging IoT connections. 24/7 pick-up, inside or curbside, interior or exterior, insulated or non-insulated – a TZ smart locker solution opens up new possibilities about the future of contactless collection options.

Collect in store

Product features

A single system with endless functionality, TZ solutions are built to automate contactless e-commerce transactions, with complete accountability for retailer and customer.

Contactless activation

Unlock doors without touching a screen, lockers are accessed using a custom-branded smart phone app or an emailed QR code

Anytime collection

Deliver or collect at any time of the day or night

Social Distancing

Social distancing

Our smart software makes it easy to configure locker banks for social distancing

tz - streamlined returns

Streamline returns

A large network for return parcel drop off makes it easier for consumers and solves the age old retail purchase pain point.

Network optimization

Optimise your delivery network with BOPIS (‘Click and Collect’). Make more efficient use of existing vehicles and reduce transportation costs by delivering items for in-store fulfillment at the same time.

Seamless integration

Extensive API library for third-party systems such as track and trace, POS and more

Retail customers

Play Video about DSV branded app for smart lockers

Smart retail innovation

Watch how DSV, South Africa, partnered with TZ for an innovative technological solution that has revolutionized their e-commerce delivery process, or read the Case Study