End of Trip

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How it works

End-of-trip lockers are designed for workers who commute on bike or by foot. TZ End of Trip Lockers offer a flexible, modular storage solution that can be easily scaled to suit needs and budgets.

Our end of trip solutions provide propriety ‘plug and play’ locking devices that are simple to install and maintain. The smart software delivers real-time monitoring, reporting and management capabilities for low maintenance administration. Smart enough for automated building management yet easy enough for every day use, TZ is the expert in end of trip locker solutions.


In your building

Product features

A single system with endless functionality, TZ solutions are built for workplace flexibility with a range of unique features.
Campus Smart Locker Management System contactless

Contactless activation

A range of contactless access options including mobile app, RFID card or unique one time code via text and email.

Campus Smart Locker Management System design

Flexible design

Our modular infrastructure makes customised configuration easy – a reliable, hardwired locking solution capable of in-locker USB charging and illumination.

TZ Smart Locker Seamless Integration

Seamless integration

Designed for seamless integration through an extensive API suite for third-party systems and reader hardware.

Campus Smart Locker Management System clean

Easy clean

Range of material choice including hospital grade, anti-microbial laminates for easy cleaning with common household cleaning agents

Campus Smart Locker Management System reservation

Smart reservation

Permanent and guest reservation options are available in the same locker bank. Permanently allocate a locker to building employees while offering guests the option to make a reservation at the locker bank for a specific time period.

TZ Smart Locker Intuitive Use

Intuitive control

Our intuitive software makes simple administrative easy without the need for extensive training. Granular reporting at your fingertips for easy allocation and maintenance needs.

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