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How it works

A TZ Staff Storage solution can truly transform your workspace – increasing employee satisfaction, maximizing team productivity, and optimizing interior real estate. Powered by TZ Storage software, our smart locker system ensures personal belongings stay safe. Customize each system to accommodate a wide range of possible usage scenarios – permanent use, temporary use, guest use or shared use.

The agile software driven solution supports “self-serve” parcel delivery and collection, eliminating the need for unnecessary human touch points. Part of the corporate ecosystem, our software is designed to seamlessly integrate with external third-party systems such as Active Directory for effortless administration and management.


Workplace ready

Product features

A single system with endless functionality, TZ solutions are built for workplace flexibility with a range of unique features. 

Campus Smart Locker Management System contactless

Contactless access

A range of contactless access options including mobile app, RFID card or unique one time code via text and email.

Campus Smart Locker Management System reservation

On-line reservations

Offers a versatile range of reservation types from permanent to flexible, temporary to time bound, or team use reservations.

TZ Smart Locker Intelligent Control

Real-time intelligence

When part of a network, provides a web portal and dashboard with real-time monitoring and aggregated reporting of transactional data.

TZ Smart Locker Seamless Integration

Business integration

Designed for seamless integration through an extensive API Library for third-party systems such as Building Management, HR and security.

TZ Smart Locker Multi-Purpose Use

Multi-purpose functionality

Accommodates a range of workplace functions such as permanent or guest lockers, group or shared lockers or end -of-trip or gym lockers.

Campus Smart Locker Management System clean

Easy clean

Range of material choice including hospital grade, anti-microbial laminates for easy cleaning with common household cleaning agents.

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