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Work SMArter, not harder

Smart Work solutions

TZ Smart Lockers offer work environments effective technology solutions to support today’s work practices and optimize workplace efficiency and productivity. An increasing number of employees are working from home. Many employers are using office “hoteling” or “hot-desking.”

And today, there’s a new need for more touchless office solutions and technologies that reduce contact in the workspace. TZ Smart Lockers provide intelligent storage, delivery and exchange solutions that cater to the mobile, agile, and contact-free workplace.

TZ Smart Lockers

More than a locker.
More than a lock.

We don’t build lockers, we deliver technology and software solutions that help companies to access and control their physical spaces.

We equip our locker systems with TZ Smart locking devices that offer a complete end-to-end electronic hardware and software platform.

Each solution customer-centric and customized to meet limitless applications, different business rules and requirements, workflows, and integration needs.

Built for business

Part of the corporate ecosystem

Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with external third-party systems such as building management, active directory, HR systems, security systems, email systems, and mobile phone applications. Let us customize your solution.


A contact-free solution

Multiple no touch or low touch access options are available In addition to the traditional PIN code entered on the kiosk screen, employees can open a locker with an emailed QR code, a custom-branded mobile app, or by scanning their RFID badge.

Future proof

Technology that scales and adapts

The future of the office may up for debate, but one thing’s for certain – the modern workspace needs new levels of scalability, adaptability and flexibility. Learn how the right
technology can future proof your workplace. Contact our team for a software demonstration.



For the agile workplace

Package Management

Corporate mailrooms can receive 500 to 1,000 accountable packages each day. Many mail distribution systems are not capable of managing this exponential growth in package deliveries. TZ Smart Package Management Locker systems can dramatically improve package delivery logistics within organizations, providing an effective means to ensure first-time delivery, safeguard valuable parcel deliveries, and ensure end-to-end chain of custody.

Personal Storage

A secure locker that enables your employees to store their personal belongings is no longer enough. In remote, agile and contact-free work environments, an intelligent solution needs to address mobility, flexibility and safety in the workplace. They also need to accommodate a wide range of possible usage scenarios – permanent use, temporary use, guest use or shared use. TZ Smart Day Lockers systems can truly transform your workspace – increasing employee satisfaction, maximizing team productivity, and optimizing interior real estate.

IT Asset Management

As business environments continues to evolve, challenging traditional processes and working hours, you may need a flexible, responsive solution for the distribution and management of IT asset, inventory items and other valuable equipment TZ Smart Asset Management Locker systems make it safe and easy for assets to be stored, returned or replenished 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with complete access tracking.

End of Trip

End-of-trip lockers are designed for those who choose commute on bike or by foot. Designed to store items such as clothes, bags, shoes, phones, wallets or keys, end-of-trip lockers facilitate the transition between travel, home and work. End-of-trip facilities are becoming an important differentiation for modern, high end and sustainable commercial buildings. They offer employers an advantage to attract a growing workforce seeking flexible workplace needs, while optimizing company real estate and resources. These modular locker systems allow facilities to grow storage with reduced costs to the company and the environment.