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Enabling e-commerce fulfillment

Smart retail locker solutions

Now, more than ever, retailers and food service providers are looking to TZ to help them update their order fulfillment and logistics strategies for more efficient, reliable, convenient contact-free ‘click and collect’ locker solutions.

TZ Smart Retail Locker solutions are the smartest way to offer customers touch-free and convenient pick-up and drop-off services inside or outside the store or restaurant.

TZ Smart Lockers

High tech, low touch
contact-free access solutions

TZ solutions integrate IoT Smart Locking Devices that are able to sense, act, and audit activity based on secure instructions delivered on-line that enable not only rich data collection but also diagnostic abilities.

As part of a locker solution, a network of TZ smart locking devices work together intelligently to offer a secure environment and provide a complete, real time view of the state of each locker compartment.

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Inside or curbside

Contact-less collection options

Easy to clean, indoor and outdoor models offer customers the option of metal or laminate interior lockers or weatherproofed lockers for convenient, curbside pick-up.

Open software platform ​

Technology experts

TZ SMArt Retail Lockers provide a broad open platform for retailers who are seeking to enhance their service offerings and improve their overall customer purchase and fulfillment experience.

Segment specific

Solutions built for retailers

TZ understands the technology trends driving seamless customer experiences. We lead by design to deliver a truly customized, end-to-end solution that supports retailer and food service workflows and operating practices.