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Campus Solutions

They build lockers. We build solutions.

Smart campus solutions

TZ creates smart campus delivery, exchange and storage systems that integrate our exclusive TZ smart locking device technology. Our campus solutions are a designed as complete hardware and software solutions that automate student delivery solutions. TZ Smart Lockers offer students 24/7 access along with reduced human and surface contact while giving the university opportunities to optimize interior real estate, decrease administrative costs and increase staff productivity across the campus.

TZ  Smart Lockers and Mailboxes enable you to completely overhaul the way packages and regular mail are handled and delivered.  Advantages such as 24/7 access for student package pickups, significantly reduced need for shelving to store the packages and eliminating the need to handle each package numerous times before final delivery.

TZ Smart campus delivery solutions extend beyond the mail center to provide the same student and operational benefits across many campus delivery, exchange and storage applications – inside or outside residence halls, libraries, bookstores, rental storage and food service centers.

TZ Smart Lockers

Intelligent locker solutions

TZ solutions integrate IoT Smart Locking Devices that are able to sense, act, and audit activity based on secure instructions delivered on-line that enable not only rich data collection but also diagnostic abilities.

As part of a locker solution, a network of TZ smart locking devices work together intelligently to offer a secure environment and provide a complete, real time view of the state of each locker compartment.

The smart choice

Campus customized

Our Smart Device technology supports multiple touchless methods to be able to open a locker door without entering a pickup code. These include the mobile phone app which can open the locker door without ever having to go to the kiosk. TZ also offers other touchless credential types such as barcode scan (QR code), badge tap, iris scan, and touchless bio wave.

Safer surfaces

And social distancing

TZ Smart Lockers enable 24/7 access with flexible pick-up, scheduled/delayed email/text notifications, and QR codes to help reduce crowds. Locker loading and package pick-up require no human to human contact. Choose from interior and exterior weatherproofed metal finishes or a variety of anti-microbial laminates, all designed for easy cleaning with common household cleaning agents.

Segment specific

First choice for universities

Just purchasing an electronic locker won’t help you truly modernize your student delivery system – you need to work with a trusted partner who is interested in understanding the business of universities. We don’t do ‘one size fits all’. Our proven method for university recommendations are based on your unique application, workflows and operations.