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Product innovation is driven by technology, and at TZ we are driven by our goal to invent solutions to solve real world problems. Solutions designed to work in harmony with existing technology for total connectivity. Which is why we are the preferred technology partner of some of the world’s largest and most innovative corporations.

As the world evolves, so does our technology. TZ has always provided connected devices and the software that controls them. Now as we move into the era of open platform software and smart connectivity, TZ solutions will deliver intelligent access for every device, to enable a new level of future control.

TZ SmartLock
Smart Delivery Locker Solutions

Open Platform

Open platform softare at scale supports hundreds and thousands of devices

TZ Cloud

Reduce costs and improve scalability and security with TZ Cloud services



Our cloud-based service-as-a-software options, for secure functionality plus the flexibility to grow with your needs

TZ delivers connected devices and the software that controls them


Making the ordinary extraordinary

Unlike conventional electronic locks, TZ Smart Devices use advanced Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) materials as actuators and embedded sensors to optimize operation. This technology offers a number of strong advantages including allowing for innovative physical designs and packaging.
TZ Smart Devices are based on one of three current actuation topologies:

  • Rotary actuation: this is where the SMA is configured to rotate the mechanism in a radial fashion, opening a series of pawls or similar mechanisms to release a capture pin or stud
  • Flex actuation: this is the case where the SMA is used to bend or flex the mechanism so that the lock can release a spring loaded latch or clear an interference device so that the lock can operate
  • Linear actuation: is where the SMA is used in a linear fashion to pull a shuttle or clear an interference mechanism away from an engagement point in the lock
TZ Technology Solutions

TZ Cloud

With cloud-based software, the locker management software is hosted in the cloud. This solution enables our locker management software to be offered as a service: Software as a Service (SaaS).

Using a secure digital connection (https), customers can access locker configuration options and analytics and information about  usage. This data is GDPR-approved and securely stored in the individual cloud environment reserved for each organization.

What makes TZ Cloud so :

  1. Reduced costs
  2. Flexibility
  3. Scalability
  4. Data Security
  5. Remote service and software update

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