Ready, debt, go: TZ acquires new, more cost-effective debt facility

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Ready, debt, go: TZ acquires new, more cost-effective debt facility

Smart access control platform operator TZ Limited has further strengthened its balance sheet after securing a new debt facility from creditor First Samuel.

The newly-inked deal will see First Samuel provide $2.5 million in debt financing at the bank bill swap rate (BBSW) plus 4.5% per annum.

The facility’s maturity date is 31 July 2022.

This replaces the company’s previous debt facility – due to mature on 30 July 2021 – which included $5 million at BBSW + 9% and a further $6 million at BBSW + 6%.

TZ used $2.1 million from the new debt facility to pay down part of the old facility.

TZ also successfully negotiated to have the remaining $2 million of outstanding money under the old debt facility converted to equity at $0.12 per share, pending shareholder approval.

Recapitalisation recap

The new debt facility with First Samuel represents the latest development in TZ’s ongoing recapitalisation efforts.

Through several earlier tin-rattling efforts, the company was able to secure $7.06 million from shareholders and a further $2.58 million through a placement.

The funds were used to pay down $7.6 million in principal debt and a further $392,000 in interest, which CEO Scott Beeton previously said was expected to free up roughly $1 million in debt-related costs annually.

Money freed up by the reduction in debt has been earmarked to be directed into income-producing activities, Mr Beeton added.

Investor briefing

Join CEO Scott Beeton for an investor briefing next Tuesday 13th July at 11am AEST, where he will discuss TZ Limited’s A-list client base, the growing e-commerce market and how TZ’s market-leading software is uniquely positioned as a category leader.

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