TZ Introduces the BeamLock

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TZ Beamlock

TZ Introduces the BeamLock

The TZ BeamLock is the first in a range of new SMArt devices from TZ designed for a broad spectrum of locking and access control applications. This new device builds on the company’s rich history of innovation and patents in the use of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuators to develop intelligent locking systems.

The new TZ BeamLock is based on the company’s NxtGEN IoT architecture and combines SMA actuated lock control with advanced microcontrollers and sensors into one small format, low power device that measures just 80mm (3.2”) x 50mm (2”) x 21mm (0.85”) and weighs less than 45g (1.6oz). TZ BeamLock uses the TZ SMArtbus protocol and is designed to operate in ambient conditions ranging from 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F). The device is approved for a number of safety and regulatory standards including RoHS, FCC Part 15B, EN61000 and UL/IEC60950.

Ideally suited for use with small format doors and containers in office or home environments, TZ BeamLock uses our patented “beam” mechanism to engage with a simple latch. Under control of the on-board microcontroller the SMA actuator flexes the beam so that it disengages and ejects the latch, pushing open the door. The TZ BeamLock also includes LEDs to draw attention to the open door and of course monitors its environment and reports back all of its actions to the TZ management systems.

TZ BeamLock is opening up a range of new solutions for our customers in a growing number of business sectors and with over 500 devices now operating at sites in the US and Australia is another proven technology from TZ.