Flexible workspace solutions
to store, share and more

Smart lockers at work

The modern office is comprised of a variety of working situations – all with a focus on flexibility. The agile office environment and mobile workforce need technology solutions that streamline office administration and increase workplace efficiency and productivity.

Developed in collaboration with the world’s largest corporations, our networked office system offers endless possibilities for the modern hybrid workplace, delivering the benefit of secure storage solutions, contactless parcel delivery locations and traceable asset management capabilities for business big and small.

Customized mobile app

Intuitive, easy to use mobile app that can be business branded


Integration experts

TZ are known as integration experts. With years of practical development experience and an extensive list of happy clients, we have the expertise to seamlessly resolve system integration within any ecosystem.

Our extensive API library means we are ready to connect with third party systems such as active directory, trace and trace, HR, security, e-commerce … the list goes on. API connectivity supports greater automation which in turn supports greater efficiency – always essential for the success of your solution.

Smart Locker Management System