Asset Management Lockers

Store, return or replenish assets 24/7

Seamless asset management

As business environments continues to evolve, challenging traditional processes and working hours, you may need a flexible, responsive solution for the distribution and management of IT asset, inventory items and other valuable equipment.

TZ Smart Lockers make it safe and easy for assets to be stored, returned or replenished 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fully accountable system provides total control and real-time access traceability for inventory management and end-to-end chain of custody.

Lockers for Asset Distribution

Product features

A single system with endless functionality, TZ solutions are built for workplace flexibility with a range of unique features. 

Automated loading

Delivery/Inventory can load lockers with inventory items as part of usual replenishment processes, manage ad-hoc requests or return unused or broken items.

24/7 collection

Users have convenience to collect assets from the locker, with or without a reservation, 24/7. Contactless access options mitigate risk for everyone involved.

Seamless integration

Integrates with third party applications using REST APIs for creating drop off and pickup reservations.

Contactless access

A range of contactless access options including mobile app, RFID card or unique one time code via text and email.

Real time reporting

TZ’s comprehensive dashboard and real-time reporting capability offers unparalleled insight and control for tracking replenishment, reservation or deliveries.

Easy clean

Range of material choice including hospital grade, anti-microbial laminates for easy cleaning with common household cleaning agents.

Customized mobile app

Intuitive, easy to use mobile app that can be business branded